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15% better!

15% is the average increase of the email opens with most new clients working with Emark.


  • The new .Open platform combines your existing (email) marketing and CRM data
  • .Open connects with other marketing software
  • .Open creates actionable data to develop one-to-one relevant campaigns
  • Easily extend your campaign concept to lead conversion


business critical email marketing automation software


Emark.Mail. Leading email marketing software. Create your newsletters and campaigns in minutes.

Leading email marketing software. Create your mailings and campaigns in minutes.


More then 350 international companies use our email marketing software

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We believe service is highly important to reach the best possible result for every client.

Client Service Triangle
The Client Service Triangle is designed to ensure the best service. A dedicated team of a developer and account and service manager, is ready to help you.

We are pleased to help you to improve your online marketing activities. Our Client Service team will advice you on strategy, implementation and optimization.

Emark, email marketing and marketing automation solutions

The cloud based platform Open drives efficiency, effectiveness, conversion & sales and most important ROI.

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What we do

Emark inspires companies to become more relevant and effective when communicating to their customers.

We analyze, optimize and automate marketing processes. We bring you the tools to manage, create and publish your marketing campaigns.


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Our dedicated team is eager to inspire companies to become more relevant and effective when communicating with their clients.

We are always seeking for enthusiastic talent to join the team.